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Street-smart exorcist Wong has a unique method of dealing with vengeful spirits: He negotiates with them and persuades them to let go of their grudges. After recordings of his exorcisms go viral, ...
The Raid 2 The Raid 2 - An epic crime saga full of deceit and betrayal, with multiple antagonists all vying for the top of the criminal food chain, ...
Silenced My Way - On the path to their dreams, Tam and Wong may get burned, yet with fire in their eyes, they win our hearts, ...
Sunny Sunny - A hilarious, but sometimes poignant coming-of-age story about middle age crisis and the ups and downs experienced during adolescence, ...
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CineNews 11/21/2015

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---Coming Soon---
Keeper of Darkness (11/26)
Vanished Murderer, The (12/03)
Initiation Love (12/10)
Yowamushi Pedal The Movie (12/10)
Ip Man 3 (12/24)
Anniversary (12/31)
Love in Late Autumn (01/21)
Over Your Dead Body (TBA)
Hell Bank Heist, The (TBA)
Wasted Times, The (TBA)
Night Flight (TBA)
Guia in Love(TBA)
A Choo (TBA)
Drink Drank Drunk (TBA)
An (TBA)
Journey To The Shore (TBA)
Finding Mr. Right 2 (TBA)

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Miss Hokusai
Anthem of the Heart, The
Zinnia Flower
Fly Me to Venus
Go Away Mr. Tumor
Flying Colors
Wong Ka Yan
Are You Here
She Remembers He Forgets
Mountains May Depart
Flying Colors
Our Little Sister