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After setting box office record as the highest-grossing Chinese romantic comedy three years ago, the creative team and cast of FINDING MR. RIGHT return to the big screen with BOOK OF LOVE, ...
The Raid 2 An - The movie reminds me of the evils of discrimination. Unique and beautiful, everyone deserves love, ...
Freeheld Freeheld - It is a heart-wrenching and uplifting drama about a same-sex couple's relentless pursuit of love, justice and equality, ...
The Raid 2 The Raid 2 - An epic crime saga full of deceit and betrayal, with multiple antagonists all vying for the top of the criminal food chain, ...
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CineNews 04/30/2016

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I Am a Hero (05/05)
Book of Love (05/05)
Inerasable (05/12)
Chongqing Hot Pot (05/12)
What a Wonderful Family! (05/19)
Cold War II (07/08)
Call of Heroes (08/18)
Hana's Miso Soup (TBA)
Happiness (TBA)
Over Your Dead Body (TBA)
Distance (TBA)
Nagasaki: Memories Of My Son (TBA)
Hell Bank Heist, The (TBA)
Wasted Times, The (TBA)
Night Flight (TBA)
Guia in Love(TBA)
A Choo (TBA)
Drink Drank Drunk (TBA)
Hand Over Fist (TBA)
Meow (TBA)
I Love That Crazy Little Thing (TBA)
Sleep Curse, The (TBA)
Shining Moment (TBA)
Cook Up A Storm (TBA)
An (TBA)
Mrs K (TBA)
Finding Mr. Right 2 (TBA)

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My Wife is a Superstar
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