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An impoverished young monk, who has spent his entire life in a monastery located on top of a mountain, is forced to encounter the real world when he travels down the mountain for the first time, ...
The Raid 2 The Raid 2 - An epic crime saga full of deceit and betrayal, with multiple antagonists all vying for the top of the criminal food chain, ...
Silenced My Way - On the path to their dreams, Tam and Wong may get burned, yet with fire in their eyes, they win our hearts, ...
Sunny Sunny - A hilarious, but sometimes poignant coming-of-age story about middle age crisis and the ups and downs experienced during adolescence, ...
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CineNews 07/25/2015

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---Coming Soon---
Monk Comes Down The Mountain(07/30)
To the Fore (08/06)
Attack on Titan (08/13)
Assassination (08/27)
Assassin, The (08/27)
Hero 2015 (08/27)
Tale of Three Cities, A (09/03)
PK (09/03)
Over Your Dead Body (TBA)
Wasted Times, The (TBA)
Night Flight (TBA)
Guia in Love(TBA)
Touch Of Sin, A (TBA)
A Choo (TBA)
Wong Ka Yan (TBA)
Get Outta Here (TBA)
Drink Drank Drunk (TBA)
Office (TBA)
An (TBA)
Journey To The Shore (TBA)
Our Little Sister(TBA)
Finding Mr. Right 2 (TBA)
Get Outta Here (TBA)

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Paris Holiday
Monster Hunt
Undulant Fever
Blue Spring Ride
Flowers of Taipei
Little Big Master