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An Exclusive Interview
with Oxide Pang
(Part I)



This time, we have invited Hong Kong director Oxide Pang (Pang Brothers) to be our guest. In this interview, we talked about his new movie Ab-normal Beauty, a psychological thriller, as well as his filmmaking aesthetics and future works. We know that director Pang is having a very busy schedule lately, and in fact, he has just returned to Hong Kong not long ago before the interview, so we would definitely love to thank him for sharing his invaluable time with us, despite having a hectic work schedule.

Please enjoy the interview!

* Special thanks to Universe HK for arranging the interview.
* The interview was originally conducted in Cantonese.

Who is Oxide Pang?

Oxide Pang, born in 1965, is a Hong Kong filmmaker. He started his career as a telecine color grader, and then moved to Thailand in the early 90s. There he began to film TV commercial. In 1996, he directed Who is Running?, the first movie that brought him reputation. Later he partnered with his twin brother Danny Pang and directed the prestigious Bangkok Dangerous. This movie was invited to participate in many internationally renowned film festivals. The two brothers also managed to win many awards including best director at the local film award ceremony.

Later in 2001, the Pang brothers were invited by Applause Pictures's Peter Chan to come back to Hong Kong and direct their first Hong Kong movies, The Eye. This movie was well received in Hong Kong and got picked up for a distribution in the U.S.. In 2004, the two of them directed The Eye 2.

Recently, Oxide Pang made his first solo directing debut with Ab-normal Beauty, while his brother made an action comedy Leave Me Alone. Although temporarily departed, the brothers will team up again very soon as they're invited to make a Hollywood movie.

If you want to learn more about his latest movie Ab-normal Beauty, please check out its official website.

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  Oxide Pang  

Ab-normal Beauty

Cinespot: Ok, let's start off with your latest film Ab-normal Beauty. This movie has just come out. From the poster it seems to be a very dark horror movie, but we know that it is not about ghost. So what kind of movie is it? How did you come up with the idea of the story?

Pang: This is a psychological thriller/suspense. I got the idea from some works of photography, to be specific, the portrait of the dead. Some of these artists love to portray corpses or dead animals from an artistic perspective. That really inspired me to make a movie about it.

Cinespot: We notice that the main cast is 2R and Anson Leung Chun-yat. They are all very fresh newcomers. Why did you pick them? Since they were rather inexperienced, how did you direct them?

Pang: Because the script requires young people, and you know, it's very hard to find young and experienced actors to play these roles, so we decided to use new talents. About directing, what I did was to give them more time and faith, spend more time to interact with them and teach them how to read the script. In addition, I also tried to explain to them clearly what the particular scene is about, and what kind of mental condition they should be in at that moment. Overall speaking, I am very satisfied with their performances.

Cinespot: The box office and critical responses of The Eye 2 were never as good as the first one. So did you learn from the mistake you might have made and rectify it in Ab-normal Beauty?

Pang: I didn't really spend too much time to study it. I think it is normal that The Eye 2 wasn't able to do better than the first movie. It is a sequel after all, so it already lost the kind of freshness the first one got. Back to Ab-normal Beauty, I expect it probably won't do very well at the box office too, so I didn't really think too much about the responses, I just tried to do my best.

Cinespot: In this new movie, it seems that you tried to incorporate a lot of visual effects you have learned from your TV commercial career in the past. So how does it help?

Pang: In general, it just provides a better packaging for the movie, and it also makes the storytelling more engaging and compelling.

Cinespot: In the movie, Race (the lead character) is obssessed with the portrait of the dead, that she becomes to lose her mind gradually and becomes a psycho. So is there any message you want to bring up?

Pang: Well, there isn't really any special message. I just wanted to tell the inner struggle of a person. I think it is very common and everyone must have gone through it before, but perhaps not as serious as the character in the movie.

Cinespot: Do you have any pressure about the box office result?

Pang: No, because it is not a pure commercial movie. I only hope some people will go see it. Moreover, Universe (the distributor) actually puts the focus more on the overseas market, so I don't really have much pressure.

Oxide Pang talking   Oxide Pang

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