Warriors of Heaven and Earth

Warriors of Heaven and Earth

Rating: 4/10
Year: 2003
Genre: Wuxia
Director: He Ping
Cast: Jiang Wen, Nakai Kiichi, Zhao Wei, Wang Xueqi

Full, but not full. Empty, but not empty. This film displays the codes of honor, courage, and friendship. It has a common love interest character. The cinematography is wonderful. The editing great. The sword play entertaining. So why isn't this film along the greats?

Simple. Good movies come full circle. Good movies have that lasting image in your head hours and hours and you viewed the film. Good movies make the heart leap out and fall on the ground.

There was no catharsis. There were no tears. The film had the effects however, there just wasn't enough gas in the tank to get to the finsh line.

Set in the Gobi desert, Lientenant Li and Japanese warrior Lai Xi are both great warriors with expertise as swordsman. Lai Xi is promised a safe passage home to Japan only if he finishes assignment appointed by the emperor. To fullfill the emperor's wishes, he must kill Lientenant Li. As the storyline progresses, the two master swordsman team up and duel against bandits lead by Master An.

The story persists, however, it is not worth noting since the story, characters, and the rest of the film do not fully expand. Concepts are left unexplained. Love interests left untold. The film displays its potential, but there just is not enough of that spice.

Somethings worth noting, the director made well use of the scenary by using dazzling camera angles. The fight scenes in this film are worth watching. The sword play is entertaining and helps carry the film's weight. If anything, the humor displayed through the characters friendship, is worth a few laughs and also carries the weight. However, in the end, you need a full tank of gas to meet ends.

It's rent worthy, but don't feel like your missing out on something great if you decide to pass. So it's ok to put it back on the shelf.

Cool guy(s) - Jiang Wen, Nakai Kiichi, Wang Xueqi

Reviewed by: Thuan Vu