Rating: 7/10
Year: 2009
Genre: Documentary
Director: Cheung King-wai
Cast: KJ Wong

KJ is a special HK documentary about a talented boy's growth under the influence of his family members, teacher, friends, students, religion, school, etc, and his views towards different issues.

During the movie, you can feel his intrinsic passion for music. He plays music, not because of his desire to win competitions, but his love for music. According to psychology, he has achieved self-actualization. Besides, I'm intrigued by his talent and unique personality.

However, you will also feel his arrogance and rudeness sometimes. Indeed, his character is not pleasing and the director, by inserting the right footage, reminds the audience that what a talented person says is not always right.

Then, is KJ a successful person whom we should learn from? Everyone will give a different answer as they define success differently. For example, his teacher mentions the key to success: Talent + Modesty. In my opinion, no one is perfect and KJ does have his strengths and weaknesses.

The film would be better if KJ's period of getting lost can be shown. Apart from this, one person who is supposed to be important to KJ is missing in the film. The footage of that person should be included so that the irreplaceable role of his teacher can become more memorable through comparison.

On the whole, the film is a comprehensive study of the growth of a talented boy, KJ. He is so different from other contemporaries that one may find the movie and his thought-provoking remarks gripping.

Reviewed by: Kenji Chan