Rating: 8/10
Year: 2009
Genre: Documentary
Director: Larry Charles
Cast: Bill Maher

A Hilarious Blend of Ridiculousness and Religions

Religulous is a hilarious, comprehensive and thought-provoking documentary pinpointing the ridiculousness and terror of different religions.

Some human beings, in the name of God, invade other countries, kill people, ask others not to use condoms, spread seeds of hatred for homosexuals and so on. Does God really exist? Is it likely that humans distort his words? Is religion detrimental to the progress of humanity? Is it good to have unquestionable faith in God? Out of many gods in the world, which one is truly the creator of the universe?

Thanks to Bill Maher, a very humorous, eloquent and quick-witted comedian; the observant cinematography capturing the right moments and facial expressions; the effective soundtrack highlighting different tones of the film; as well as the witty editing inserting footage of old movies, speeches, news, etc, at the right moment, the movie guarantees hearty laughs among atheists, offended frowns among believers and, the most importantly, enlightened expressions among some human beings who begin to doubt (e.g. the virgin birth, a talking snake, a man living inside a fish for 3 days, etc), instead of asserting with arrogant certitude the existence of gods which cannot be scientifically proven.

Believers should be forewarned that the movie makes jokes about religions and they may feel offended. Nevertheless, some find the jokes necessary because they hammer the irrationality and danger of religions into people's hearts. That is also why the film is called Religulous, a hilarious blend of ridiculousness and religions.

Reviewed by: Kenji Chan